Is your web presence
working for you?

If someone needs what you provide, will your website draw them in? What will they see if they are on their phone? A responsive & accessible web presence is no longer merely a 'bonus' or 'nice to have' - it is essential.

It is my privilege to offer a chance to be seen on the web to small businesses and individuals around me. Whether that be creating a website for you from the ground up, or updating an existing presence for the mobile age. Providing a place for interested parties to find and learn about what you offer is what I offer. How can I help you today?

My work

Here are a few of my latest projects, I invite you to explore them.

The Shop

A sleek and modern website for a men's barber shop, showcasing trendy hairstyles, skilled barbers, and a refined atmosphere. Explore the world of grooming, book appointments, and stay up-to-date with the latest men's fashion and grooming trends.

Meow Tea Boba Shop

A vibrant online platform for boba tea enthusiasts, highlighting a delightful range of flavors, customizable options, and a welcoming ambiance. Discover the perfect blend, browse the menu, and indulge in the rich and refreshing world of boba tea.

Travel Writer Blog

A captivating website for a travel writer, featuring stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and a seamless user experience. Embark on virtual adventures and immerse yourself in captivating travel narratives.

My Services

I dedicate myself to presenting my clients with completed projects that not only meet, but exceed, their initial vision. Knowing what to expect when we work together is critical - here is how I deliver success:

  1. Consultation - It all begins with a conversation where we'll pinpoint what this project is all about.
  2. Proposal - A detailed project proposal including a visual preview will be presented and a plan of action will be decided.
  3. Creation - Clients receive regular updates regarding their project status while I create and test it.
  4. Launch & Support - Peace of mind is delivered with the final project in the form of available ongoing support.

I'm a Software Engineer
based in San Jose, CA

Solving problems and providing elegant, innovative and accessible solutions is a passion of mine.

When I'm not coding, I can be found playing basketball, reading books, dabbling in random spoken languages, and giving various hobbies a whirl (most recently drawing).


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